On the practical level SALIENSEAS has resulted in two types of products: 1) a series of innovative demonstration ice services, and 2) participatory tools to enhance the co-production on ice services in the Arctic marine context.

Informed by the participatory workshops organised with the stakeholder advisory group and end-users the two meteorological institutes involved in the project have produced new and innovative ice services, including: sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) sea ice forecasts, an Iceberg Atlas, fast ice climatologies, and community level ice charts that include the fast ice extent. Each of these products hold relevance for decision-making of end-user groups, including planners of tourist cruises and cargo shipments, cruise ships captains and pilots, and local hunting and fishing communities in Greenland.

To aid the co-production process in the field of Arctic marine shipping SALIENSEAS has produced several participatory tools, including a spatially explicit survey to assess information needs of users and a (online) gaming environment for exploring the use and impact of new ice services (see picture). Each of these products aim to explore the usability of new ice services in distinct spatial, temporal and social decision making contexts.