Call for participants – Participatory Mapping of Weather, Ocean and Sea-Ice knowledge & skills for Maritime activities in the Arctic

Are you involved in voyage planning for vessels in ice-infested waters or near the marginal ice zones around Svalbard or Greenland? Are you working as an expedition leader, captain, fisher, skipper, officer, hunter or master mariner, and have experience navigating the seas around Svalbard or Greenland?

We invite you to share your knowledge and expertise in our Participatory Mapping Exercise.

Click here to access the mapping exercise.

Read on for background information about the background and goals of the Participatory Mapping Exercise.











In the SALIENSEAS research project we aim to better match the services and existing communication structures for Arctic weather, climate and sea-ice information with the actual needs for such services.

To do so, it is essential to get a better understanding of when (timing) and where (geographic locations) certain weather, climate and sea-ice information is used, and what challenges surround its use when information is most important, throughout the process from planning to operations. For this purpose, we have developed an online map-drawing tool. We are currently seeking people with hands-on experience in planning, navigating and decision making in Arctic waters, who are willing to share their experiences and local knowledge.

  • Participating is very easy: the exercise can be done from your own computer, at a moment that is convenient for you. The tool is available in Norwegian, Danish and English and will take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. Further instructions are given throughout the exercise.
  • Note that at the final page of exercise, you are invited to sign up for an optional follow-up meeting. The goal of this follow-up meeting is to give your organization an opportunity to further explore how services of MET Norway/DMI can be tailored toward your needs for information during the voyage planning process. If you are interested to also participate in this meeting, please leave your contact details at the final page or contact us directly via the email address below.

We hope you are willing to ‘get on board’ and become part of the SALIENSEAS project. Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may opt out at any moment. Responses will be kept confidential and will only be used within the context of the SALIENSEAS research project.

On behalf of the SALIENSEAS team, thank you in advance for considering your participation.

For questions, please contact:

A pdf version of the Call for Participants can be downloaded by clicking here.