SALIENSEAS organizes a scenarios workshop under the theme ‘Maritime Futures: The Arctic Region’. The workshop is scheduled in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 13, 2018 at the Danish Meteorological Institute.  

During this workshop we bring together a diverse group of experts from key maritime sectors and related industries to deliberate the question:

 What is needed for optimal metocean / sea ice forecast services for maritime sectors in European Arctic waters now and until 2035?

The deliberation of the focal question through planned activities will prioritize the key factors that are, and will be, most impactful in shaping the informational needs of mariners in European Arctic waters. The primary objectives of the workshop are to support MET Norway and DMI in strategic product development and stakeholder engagement, to support maritime sectors active in European Arctic waters with strategic planning, to inform the European Commission in support of integrated Arctic policy objectives and to shape ongoing and future plans for safe, sustainable Arctic marine resource use.

The workshop brings together a large group of stakeholders, including representatives of the following organizations:

  • AECO
  • Arctia
  • Harnvig Arctic & Maritime
  • Greenland Pilot Service
  • Visit Greenland
  • RJB Consultancy Arctic & Energy
  • Nordland Research Institute
  • Maritimt Forum Nord
  • Polar Research and Policy Initiative
  • Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Norwegian Meteorological Institute
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Wageningen University
  • Umea University
  • The University of Tromsø

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