On 25 January 2018, SALIENSEAS organized its first Stakeholder Advisory Group workshop. The workshop was held at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway.

The workshop was inspired by a participatory approach, in order to give prominence to the perspectives and needs of the various stakeholders involved in maritime activities in the European Arctic. The core purpose of the workshop was twofold: 1) to identify the most pressing issues around metocean information availability and access, in terms of sector-specific needs to increase safety and efficiency of operations; and 2) to formulate a plan for efficient and relevant data collection from end-users.

Invited stakeholder representatives have extensive expertise in Arctic marine operations, and their knowledge will be considered in the assessment of service needs throughout the project. Each participant brought a unique perspective to the workshop, which contributed to gaining a comprehensive view of marine mobile sectors’ metocean information needs in the European Arctic.

The workshop provided an important basis for taking further steps in collaborating with various end-users of marine weather and climate services.


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