This week a new paper was published by SALIENSEAS researchers of Umeå University, University of Tromsø and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

The article is Open Access and can be downloaded for free here:

‘Toward valuable weather and sea-ice services for the marine Arctic: exploring user–producer interfaces of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute’


“Recognition is growing that valuable weather, water, ice and climate (WWIC) services for marine, Arctic environments can only be produced in close dialogue with its actual users. This denotes an acknowledgement that knowing how users incorporate WWIC information in their activities should be considered throughout the information value chain. Notions like co-production and user engagement are current terms to grapple with user needs, but little is known about how such concepts are operationalized in the practical context of tasks and responsibilities of National Meteorological and Hydrometeorological Services (NMHSs).

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